THIL_ProactiveHaving been in the home inspection industry, I have had to become familiar with some things that most people don’t deal with but a few times in their lives. I have had to get used to quickly making myself comfortable in someone else’s home. I have had to learn the art of tactfulness, which I’m told is the art of making a point without making an enemy. I have had to learn to deal with difficult, even volatile people. So it’s safe to say that I have become comfortable with most aspects of this business. That’s why it sometimes takes me by surprise when people get stressed out about their home inspection.

If you find yourself in this category, let me assure you, you are certainly not alone! Most people, especially owners of older homes, are concerned about the results of their home inspection, and the impact that those results may have on their sale. They fear, in particular, a home inspector who may “pick their house apart” and try to impose an unrealistic expectation on the person purchasing their home.

One way to counter this fear is to have a pre-market home inspection. This is simply THIL_Preventhiring a home inspector to perform a home inspection before the house goes on the market. Some people argue, “When the buyer has the inspection done, I’ll get a copy of it then, and can do the repairs then.” Not so fast my real estate selling friend! In Texas, since the buyer is the party that paid for it, the inspection report is considered the buyer’s property. Whether or not they share for free the information that cost them hundreds of dollars, is entirely up to them. Also, the buyer may see a list of deficient items as a potential list of problems and decide to move on to the next house.

Some people say, “Well, the buyer is just going to hire their own inspector, so why should I pay for one, too?” A valid point, if you are unconcerned about the findings. There are some good arguments to the contrary, however.

It Shows You Care About Your Home

A home owner who has a pre-market inspection, and then shows the buyer the issues that were found and the proof of correction, shows the buyer that the owner cares about his home, which likely means he or she has maintained the property well. Maintenance is HUGE in property ownership, as regular readers of my blog will know. Okay, regular readers of my blog are probably rolling their eyes and doing a head slap and saying, “Okay! Okay! We get it! Move on, Home Inspector Lady!” My constant harping on this subject may be considered a viable alternative to Chinese water torture, but I digress.

It Shows Trustworthiness

THIL_TrustThe “cards on the table” approach to home selling, where the seller is honest about the fact that the property was not entirely without issues (no home is), tends to make the buyer see the seller as honest and someone they can trust. Getting caught in a cover up is a sure fire deal killer, for good reason!

It Cuts Down on Stress During a Stressful Process

Can we just say it? Moving sucks. Showing your home, negotiations, packing up EVERYTHING you own. It just blows. If you enjoy it, I’m sorry but you’re just weird. My mother told me something during the purchase of our first home that I have never forgotten and found to be absolutely true: No real estate deal ever happened without some last minute heart attack. She’s a very sharp lady, my mom. Hi Mom!

THIL_StressFreeDo yourself a favor and circumvent any stressful situation that you can, and one thing you can do is have a pre-market inspection, so you know what a home inspector is likely to find. I have to say that most home owners are surprised when we find an item that needs attention. We look at their home completely differently than they do, so often times they aren’t even aware of the problems we uncover.

Truthfully, whether you are selling your home or you just need a list of items that need maintenance or repair, a pre-market home inspection is smart money. Here’s an example: Did the Inspector find chipped or peeling paint? It may cost some money to paint your house, but replacing rotten soffit and fascia and then painting is a good deal more expensive, I promise you.

So, give it some thought. A pre-market home inspection can only benefit you, whether as a home owner or a home seller. Knowledge is power. Be a freakin’ super hero!

I would love, love, love for you to comment below with your thoughts or experiences. Pin, like, share and all that good stuff. I’m always happy to answer any home inspection related questions, so email them to .  Thanks ya’ll and I wish you a happy home!

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