Has Your House Had a Check Up Lately?

THIL_StethoscopeIt’s cold and flu season again and I don’t know about you, but this area was hit HARD. The hospitals were full and had people waiting for beds. Your neck of the woods was probably much the same, so while maintaining your family’s health is front and center in your thoughts, I want to urge you not to neglect the health of what shelters your family… your house.

While we commonly refer to a home’s “condition,” it is really the same as talking about the health of your home. Just as we can break our bones, our home’s structure can need repair as well. The human body uses electricity, just as your house does. And plumbing… well, let’s not go there. Suffice it to say that whether it’s a human or a residence, when a plumbing system is not working correctly, the whole family can tell!

THIL_RoofYou may think you only need a Home Inspector if you are buying a home, but having a yearly home inspection can help diagnose issues that you may not be aware of. Really, how many people regularly walk on their roof? Or inspect their soffit and fascia for wear from tree branches, gaps that water and pests can use to invade your home and chipped and peeling paint? How many people examine the exterior walls for cracked caulking around windows and doors? These issues are easily and cheaply fixed if caught early, but deferred maintenance increases the likelihood that items will have to be replaced rather than repaired and that, my friend, can cost big money.

And that’s just a few items on the exterior.

THIL_ChecklistA Home Inspector can examine and test your heating and air conditioning system, duct work, plumbing and plumbing fixtures, water heater, attic structure and insulation, fireplace and chimney, windows, doors, ceilings, floors and appliances. And while no Home Inspector can guess or guarantee the remaining life of any system or appliance, he or she can alert you to visible signs of possible impending problems. Like the home we inspected yesterday. Built in 2006, it was a lovely, clean, well maintained home, but like most homeowners, they hadn’t looked at their 66 gallon water heater in a while, so they had not seen the rusting that had developed at the base of the unit. See the photo below.


It was like that all the way around the base of the unit. Of course the buyer wanted the unit replaced, so it was just one more thing to negotiate and complicate the process.

THIL_LaughingSo don’t neglect the health of your home. Let a Home Inspector be the chicken soup for your home’s soul! Get your home a check up today! And if you figure out the “flue shot” joke I couldn’t quite come up with, leave it in the comment section below.

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